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10 Reasons
why you will gain through this licensing:

1. Established by The One Academy

Da Vinci is a member of The One Group, and the only children arts & crafts school founded by The One Academy, one of Asia's most respected institutions in creative education, with graduates steering high-profile careers in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Beijing, New Zealand, Spain and major locations around the world. Now, Da Vinci and its licensees have the backing of, and access to, the immense resources and experience built over 15 years at The One Academy.

2. Breakthrough world-class syllabus

The international syllabus approach enables real art achievement for a child - strictly without the assistance of shortcuts such as dotted-lines or tracing methods, thus unlocking the creative potential of young minds. More than skills, it also focuses on the developing the creative mind of a child to harness success in life. This world-class content is suitable for children of all background, drawn up by experts of creative learning and child education.

3. Professional training & certification

You will receive your certification by undergoing a step-by-step coaching by certified and experienced professional trainers. Other than mastering the various aspects of teaching, utilising available support and running a successful licensee outlet, there will also be annual business- and self-development seminars.

4. International-profile partners

The Da Vinci brand and companies in The One Group are trusted names in the industry. Da Vinci regularly partners with major corporations such as running associate promotional projects with Columbia Pictures' Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2; Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles; the Disney Channel; Art Attack magazine; and newspapers such as The Star, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Nanyang Siang Pau and many more.

5. Small capital, big returns

You would need to pay only a fraction of what other normal business investments would require. On the other hand, the backing of proven methods from Da Vinci means you can easily attain comfortable returns of investments within a surprisingly short period.

6. Low risk investment

With a small fee, you have access to all the experience and support that you'd need. Da Vinci has combined 15 years of international experience from The One Academy with over years of investment in extensive research, structuring, testing and improvisation for the entire programme in all aspects - so that you can get on with reaching your investment goals.

7. Branding & promotional support

Strong on-going media relations, promotions and advertising for Da Vinci brand and your outlet, fully supported by the Licensor and The One Academy.

8. More licensee autonomy

Although Da Vinci is committed to provide behind-the-scenes support, you still hold wide- ranging responsibilities for your very own Da Vinci-licensed centre.

9. Expanding benefits

The licensing programme incorporates exclusive benefits for its members, which continues to expand over time as it ties-in more added values for you.

10. A chance to build your community

The Da Vinci journey is more than just a business avenue, but always a process where you find personal development, financial independence and at the same time the gratification of making a real difference in the world, significantly touching the lives of young souls at the most crucial stage of their development.

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