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Da Vinci Ampang Trip to Craft Complex, KL
Da Vinci Ampang organized a guided trip to Craft Complex Kuala Lumpur in Jalan Conlay for its students. 28 students, 5 teachers and 4 guardians participated in this event. The objective of this study trip is to inculcate appreciation among students on local arts and crafts such as silvercraft, batik, songket, and wooden crafts.

During the trip, participants were able to learn about local textile weaving such as songket, tekat, pua kumbu, batik painting, making of local drums such as rebana and kompang, wood carving, silver and copper crafts, wayang kulit and many more at the Craft Museum. The participants also visited demonstrations on clay vase making, wooden carving, silver crafts and the artist's village, and took part in batik drawing, canting and painting. They also managed to savor local traditional delicacies such as kuih bakar, akok kedut, bahulu and many more at the Kerja Kahwin 2010 Promotion & Expo and witnessed a mock Malay wedding on site.

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