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This programme is specially designed for children aged 4 onwards. The ultimate goal of this programme is to nurture inventiveness as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation. Throughout the two-year programme, your child will acquire the full breadth of developmental skills necessary to help him/her to learn and discover more in the future.
This programme focuses on stimulating a child’s mindset and intelligence. It trains observation abilities, creative mind process, designing abilities and concept development through drawing and colouring with a variety of mediums. A child’s artistry will improve drastically with the guidance of master artists.
This programme is a continuation from the Junior Da Vinci Creative Kids Art. It aims to teach them about the Elements of Art (lines, shapes, colours, forms, space and textures). It uses an effective ‘Learn & Apply’ method in educating children in art, using materials like poster colour, acrylic paint, magic pens & glass paint.
Advanced Da Vinci Creative Kids Art
13-15 years old
This programme continues from the Intermediate Da Vinci Creative Kids Art. It builds upon the creative thinking, observation, drawing and painting techniques acquired from earlier courses. It aims to equip the child with water colour painting techniques in still life and landscape paintings, poster colour painting techniques in anime character designs, picture composition and creating works from imagination. It aims to provide the child with sound skills and techniques to further able the child to produce creative works with skill.
Da Vinci Kids Fun Craft
5-15 years old
This programme enables children to explore and express their creativity through various types of 3-D fun craft activities. It will also help to enhance their observaton and hands-eye coordination skills. The fun craft activities include glass painting, modelling clay, paper art, stone painting and many more. All paints used in this programme are non-toxic and child-friendly.
Da Vinci International Glass Painting
13 years old & above
Join the fun and master the popular and fastest growing craft today – glass painting! It won’t take long before you can express your individuality like a true artist, and transform everyday glassware into unique, decorative works of art. Your learning experience here will be certified by Pebeo of France, a world-renowned colour-industry leader.
Da Vinci Fine Art
16 years old & above
Learn and improve your art skills through our trainer's guidance in either one of these specialisations: pencil sketching, charcoal painting, water colour, poster colour or acrylic painting. The techniques include drawing with various mediums on different surfaces.
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